Alkaline Water

Miracluous Properties of Ionized Water

This is a series of short video clips by Bob author of "Confessions of a BodyBuilder". Bob talks about Ionized Water, Greens, Raw Foods and how this helps the body at the all important cellular level.

Alkaline Water Videos

The Power of Jupiter Alkaline AntiOxidant Water.

A short video clip by Emco Tech (aka Jupiter Science/Royal Water)



Jupiter Ionized Water: Part 2


Alkaline Water: The Goodness of Life.


This video looks at the healing properties of water from a scientific perspective. It looks at Cancer, Heart Disease, Over Acidity and other chronic conditions, and how Alkaline water can help in the treatment.


The Truth of Life Giving Alkaline Water


A film by MBC (Korean Public Broadcasting) that covers the large scale farm and other scientific experiments on the effects of Alkaline Water on things like Blood Sugar levels, Kidneys and other internal organs, Cholesterol, Skin Cancer and DNA


The Untold Truth

This video by Ian Hamilton of Ionlife Inc. It covers everything essential that you need to know to live a healthy life.


Water Clusters by Dr Emoto

This video looks at Dr Emoto's work on Water Clusters and the Messages from Water.


Some Benefits of Ionized Water


Alkaline Ionized Water and Colon Health

This video looks at the the colon internals using the techniques of Colonoscopy and the effects from drinking Alkaline water on the colon.

WARNNG: It contains internal details that you may not wish to see.


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