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Air Lonizers

- Are Ions Good For You?
- Scientific Studies of Air Ionizers
- Sick Building Syndrome: Part1, Intro
- Sick Building Syndrome: Part2, Symptoms and Illnesses
- Static, Negative Air Ions - Winds That Kill And The Ion Miracle
- Does The Ion Charge Affect Our Physiology? Research
- Asthma and Ions

Miracle Water Documentary

- Agricultural Chemicals Replaced by Ionized Water: Part3
- Diabetes Patient And Alkaline Water: Part4
- Gangrene Cured by Strongly Oxidized Water: Part5
- MRSA Eradicated by Hyperoxidized Water: Part6
- Ionized Water is Key for Agriculture: Part9
- Ionized Water Treatment For Cancer
- Ionized Water Treats Atopic Dermatitis Childrens Eczema: Part7
- Ionized Water Used as a Disinfectant: Part11
- Ionized Water used in Organic Agriculture: Part13
- Ionized Water Water Cures Adult Atopic Dermatitis: Part8
- Ionized Water Used for Sterilization of Dental Equipment to Prevent Infections: Part12
- Stomach and Deodenal Ulcers Treated with Ionized Water: Part10

Ionized Water Clinical Studies

- Alkaline Water Livestock Dairy Trial Results
- Clinical Reports Ionized Alkaline Water
- Clinical Studies Drinking Water Chlorination
- Clinical Studies Ionized Alkaline Water
- Clinical studies on the Effects of Ionized Acid Water
- Medical Case Studies Alkaline Water
- Pharmaceutical Drugs and Pollutants in Water
- Electrolyzed Acidic Alkaline Water Used in the Medical Field: Part2


- Daniel Reid Bali Times Interview
- Reverse Aging, Alkaline Water and AlkaLife®
- Sunday Times Review: I'm Going to Live Forever

Heart Disease

- High Blood Pressure and Alkaline Water
- Most Heart Attacks Are Caused By Vulnerable Plaque and Inflammation


- Don't Be Fooled by the Omega 3 Scam
- Answering The Nutrition Critics - Patrick Holford
- AntiOxidant Review is a Stitch Up
- Taming The Drug Monster
- Drugs on Tap? How Prescription Drugs and Medications End Up in Our Drinking Water
- Poisoning Consumers with Teflon
- Stay Calm Everyone, There's Prozac in the Drinking Water
- Pictures of the Effects of Microwaved Water on Plants
- Fluoride Accumulates in Pineal Gland

pH Balance

- Acid / Alkaline Balance in the Body


- Preventing Cancer by Sang Whang
- From Terminal Cancer to Terrific Health
- Terminal Cancer Survivor - Ionized Alkaline Water Played A Vital Role In My Recovery
- Prevention of Cancer by Kurzweil and Grossman
- Cancer Ignorance

Alkaline Water

- Pictures of the Miraculous Effects of Ionized Water
- Ray Kurzweil Talks About Alkaline Water
- History of the Water Ionizer
- Acidic Wastes and Chronic Disease
- Alkaline Microwater - For Detox, Health and Longevity
- Kangen Water: Myths and Facts
- Microwater
- Athlete Hydration
- Alkaline Ionized Water: Have You Tried It Yet?
- Reverse Aging by Drinking Alkaline Water
- Alkaline Water and Water Ionization
- Alkaline Water Scientific Myths
- Is Alkaline Water Snake Oil? Part1: Summary

Water Ionizers

- Doctor of Chiropractic reveals primary cause of Chronic Headache and Back Pain
- Ten Things A Water Ionizer Will Do For You
- How Ionized Water Changed my Life
- Holistic Health Care Professionals Begin Advocating Water Ionizers
- Jupiter Science Water Ionizers by Dr Robert Young
- Microlite JP107 Water Ionizer
- Hydrotech vs Jupiter Ionizers
- Ionized Water Possibly The Most Important Health Advance of the 21st Century
- lonized Water Used to Prevent Food Poisoning: Part1

Water and Hydration

- Dangers of Drinking Distilled Water: Early Death
- Do Not be Deceived by the Crusade Against Salt
- Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

Multiple Sclerosis MS

- Ionized Water Helps My Chronic Progressive Multiple Sclerosis - MS

Lotis Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas

- Lotus Infrared Portable Sauna
- Lotus Infrared Portable Sauna

Weight Loss

- Does Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water Help You Lose Weight and Improve General Health?


- PDF eBooks
- The Miraculous Properties of Ionized Water -The Definitive Guide to the World's Healthiest Substance
- Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever by Kurzweil and Grossman
- The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto
- Guarding the Three Treasures: The Chinese Way of Health
- The Detox Book by Bruce Fife
- Alkaline Diet and Alkaline Water
- Detoxify or Die by Sherry Rogers, MD

Your Questions

- Fundamentals of Alkaline Water and Water Ionization
- Is Water Alive? Memory, Primary Perception and Homeopathy
- Glowing Health Products
- The Key for Glowing Health: Alkaline Water
- Blood pH and Disease Questions

- Alkalize or Die by Dr Theodore Baroody
- Critical Look at Alkaline Water Websites: Part4
- Critical Look at Water Clusters: Part6
- Detailed Critical Look at Alkaline Water Science, Body pH, Stomach Acidity: Part2: