Miracle Water: Japanese National TV Series about Acid/Alkaline Water

Japanese National TV series called Miracle Water looks at the use of Electrolized (Ionized) Alkaline and Acid Water in Japanese hospitals.

This follows a Diabetes patient with Gangreine. He condition was so severe that the doctors had decided to amputate. On the advice from a friend, he goes to another hospital where they use Ionized Acid and Alkaline Waters. His leg was externally treated with Acid ionized water and he was prescribed 5 litres per day of Alkaline Ionized water to drink.

Over a period of time the doctors managed to and lower his medication and save his leg.


Could this be the answer for all Skin Conditions?

Troubled with Eczema, Dermatitis, Skin Rashes, Psariasis, Athletes Foot, Acne?

What if there was a technology that could alleviate all these symptoms without Drugs, Steroids, Creams or Injections?

Watch this Japanese footage:


Athletes Foot and Ionized Water


Growing Plants, Vegetables and maintaining Golf courses without Chemicals using Ionized Acid Water


Water used to prevent food poisoning.